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03 06 09

Psy-Fi visions of Dan McParlin

Illustrator Dan McParlin renders fantastic realms in his illustration work. Hinting both towards psychedelic visions, and sci-fi narratives. Be sure to also check out his ingenious handmade cardboard models of analog synthesizers and electronica. Continue »

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02 28 08

Intention and Kate Raudenbush

Artist & photographer, Kate Raudenbush’s work has been a fixture on the deep playa canvas of Burning Man for some years now, Continue »

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02 14 08

Quantum Potentiality of the Manifested Self

Antony Gormley, English sculptor, describes his work as “an attempt to materialise the place at the other side of appearance where we all live.” Continue »

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07 05 07

Sustainability : Information / Matter / Energy

Every molecule, atom, in our body… is self-interested… is self-aware, and determined as such. All healthy systems self-organize, and maintain themselves by the same principals. Continue »

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05 23 07

Mushrooms can save the world

Paul Stamets, American mycologist & author, is a passionate believer that mushrooms/funghi, can indeed save the world. Continue »

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