I’ve been out of rhythm for awhile w/ serious photography, usually only taking snaps, flickr, etc. Though lately, I’ve re-engaged the medium, started shooting again, using the camera as a tool for observation, study, and awareness. Making conscious effort to slow down, pause & inhale the forms and counterforms.

I go through phases when lugging a camera around can feel like a total burden, buffering one from a genuine experience. Whereas other times, it’s has the opposite effect. Bringing one in closer contact with the now moment, framing presence. The photo experience becomes a means of establishing contact – with a tree, a person, a vibrational frequency, a feeling, or a certain lightness of being.

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Neural Feedback (1 Comment)

  1. Lovely studies Michael, particularly the 1st and the 4th, its the not knowing that opens up endless possibilites, they really made me travel

    keep ’em coming

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